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Credit Certificate – CrefoZert

The bioclimatic received the “CrefoZert” from Creditreform due to a very good value in the creditworthiness index. According to Creditreform, bioclimatic is one of the top 2% of German companies with an exceptionally good credit rating. We are proud of that!

Credit Certificate – CrefoZert

Creditreform is one of the largest European companies for business information.
Until a few years ago, only large companies had the opportunity to have their good creditworthiness confirmed by a company rating and thus to strengthen mutual trust in business relationships. In order to offer small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to present their creditworthiness, Creditreform developed the CrefoZert test certificate. The CrefoZert is an award for good financial solidity and is only awarded after a qualitative and quantitative test, e.g. of the creditworthiness index and the current annual financial statements.

To ensure the quality standard of the certificate, Creditreform only issues it for a period of one year and carries out regular monitoring of the listed companies.

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