Aeromat – ideal for use in offices, conference rooms, schools, hotels – wherever the air tends to get stale, used by many, after hours of sharing spaces with others.

Reduce unpleasant odors and improve your indoor air where needed most. Hotel rooms can be relieved from bacterial load quickly, precisely and without great expense, the air in showrooms are free from smells and your employees in an open-plan office can breathe fresh and healthy air again. Simultaneously, sick rates are significantly reducing.

Aeromat comes in two versions: as a standalone (aeromat 500) or as a ceiling unit (aeromat 1200/1400). Both are equipped with the same innovative technology and high efficiency – but we recommend the ceiling unit for larger rooms and spaces.

We will advise you on sizing Bioclimatic professional units correctly based on room volume, emission source, application, etc. You can download a form here where you can provide exact details so that we can get back to you with specific advice and suggestions.

Ideal for:

Storage rooms
Food production & packaging rooms
Garbage Rooms
Animal shelters

Technical information

The air ionization devices of the aeromat series are high-performance units with an integrated ventilation fan for a wide application field in commercial and industrial facilities, especially manufacturing and processing areas. The units allow separate settings of ventilation fan speed and ionization intensity level.

  • How it works
    The devices work according to a process found in nature: air purification by air ionization. Neutral oxygen molecules are negatively and positively charged by the "Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD)" using a special ionization tube. Oxygen clusters are formed, which due to their high energy potential have the property of neutralizing bacteria and odor molecules.
    Against Sick Building Syndrome
    Against bacteria and mold
    Against odors
    For better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
    For better hygiene
    Ventilation fan for better ionization spread
    Versatile mounting (wall or ceiling)
    Variable tube equipment to match room size
    Various control options
    Equipped with a prefilter
    Low energy consumption
    Low maintenance

Need something special?

Talk to us about modifications and customizations to suit your specific needs

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