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For public facilities and community sectors

Air purifier for
public facilities and community sectors

Prevention and reduction of indoor contaminants

Reduce of indoor contaminants

The “community sector” includes all structures characterized by a significant presence of people, such as public meeting places, trains, museums, gyms, schools, etc. But also environments where hygiene is of crucial importance, such as doctor’s offices, nursing homes, hospitals, etc., where there is a high risk of infection due to the presence of pathogens, constant prevention is required.

bioclimatic provides comprehensive air quality solutions for public facilities where customers are exposed to pollutants such as bacteria and volatile organic compounds.

Our products for public facilities

Air pollutants are too small to see with the naked eye, but poor air quality can be detrimental to health. Knowing what’s in the air around us and breathing “consciously” and “healthily” is just as important as paying attention to what we eat and drink.

Fresh air in crowded spaces

From jet fumes at airports to tobacco smoke in casinos, unpleasant food odors and garbage areas – we are exposed to all of those and more in places we frequent. Are you concerned that your customers might be exposed to unpleasant odors and pollutants in the air while they are in your public facility? Let us change that.

energy consumption

Our systems can be easily incorporated into the largest public buildings or facilities, reducing energy consumption and providing a healthy, productive environment for workers and visitors.

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