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Air Cleaner V

Everyone is familiar with the air quality in small rooms with a large number of people. Whether in buses, elevators or trams. The air becomes stuffy, smelly and unhygienic. In addition the risk of infection from bacteria, germs and viruses also increases.

The Air Cleaner V from bioclimatic is perfectly suited to noticeably and sustainably improve the air quality in such situations. With the help of the bi-polar ionization, it reduces viruses, bacteria, germs and mold spores and thus creates a safe, fresh and hygienic air.

Various laboratories confirm that bioclimatic’s Air Cleaner V inactivates up to 99.999% of the SARS-COV-2 virus.

After the optically inconspicuous device has been attached to the ceiling or the wall of the bus, train or even the elevator cabin, it works independently and creates fresh and hygienic air in the entire room with the help of the existing ventilation systems.

We would be happy to advise you on how to optimally adapt the Air Cleaner V devices to your wishes and specifications.

Technical informationen

The Air Cleaner V air ionization devices are quiet devices for use in public transport and coaches as well as for small spaces such as elevators. They have manual control and work independently after a one-off setting.

Ideal for

  • public transport
  • coaches
  • small spaces (e.g. elevators)

How it works

The bioclimatic bipolar ionization technology already works directly in the room air. The polluted room air does not first have to be routed to a filter or UV-C device. Our proactive system therefore needs no air exchange rates and no HEPA filters. The bioclimatic ionization systems “flood” the room invisibly and silently with ions, which immediately and permanently disinfect the air. In this way, germs, bacteria, odors, mold and the corona virus are inactivated in a very short time and safe air is created.


  • Inactivation of viruses, germs and pathogens
  • Reduction of the risk of infection from SARS-COV-2 up to 99.999%
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal Power consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Nearly silent

Technical aspects

Capacity means of transport

Up to 20 passengers


Adjustable via step switch


Manual control


Fixed installation

Installation options

– Ceiling
– Wall
– Approval automotive







Loudness [dB(A)]

about 30

More equipment

intensity indicator

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