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Bipolar Ionization

Ion levels in nature

The proportion of ions is greatest where we find moving water (oceans, rivers, waterfalls). That’s why we feel so energized and refreshed by the sea.

Higher concentrations of ions are essential for a positive mood, let’s see work more efficiently and we feel revitalized. The lowest ion counts are found in windowless rooms and closed vehicles. Concentrations below 100 ions / cm3 can already lead to headaches, lack of concentration and tiredness – signs of “Sick Building Syndrome”.

Clean air
Nature shows us how

Bipolare Ionisation - Schaubild der Ionen in der Natur

In nature ions are found in abundance. This is a good part of the reason why you usually feel so great in these places and find it difficult to be tired or depressed.

Wouldn’t you like to have this effect in your interior?

A purifying thunderstorm

Before a thunderstorm, there is a very high concentration of pollutants in the air – such as dust, bacteria, pollen, chemicals and smoke. The thunderstorm triggers electrical discharges and this creates high concentrations of ions. Ions play an important role in lowering the levels of these air pollutants – making the air feel fresher and cleaner.

Bipolar ionization

bioclimatic provides fresh air, just as nature does.

Our principle of air purification is comparable to the natural phenomenon.

In our devices, the air is treated as if it were under the influence of a cleansing thunderstorm. Charged ions – activated oxygen – bind the pollutants in the space you breathe in – just like nature does. Activated oxygen triggers an oxidation process that chemically changes the odor molecules and germs. New harmless substances are created. Activated oxygen damages the cell structure of mold spores and bacteria, rendering them inactive. The activated air acts as a natural purifier in the room, restoring and balancing indoor air in closed environments.

Point 1

Oxygen from the air is activated along the ionization tube and ions are formed.

Point 2

Particles such as dust, smoke, VOC's, allergens and other air pollutants are attracted to the ions.

Point 3

The ions bind to certain pollutants with which they come into contact and neutralize them.

Point 4

Charged particles attract and form clusters that become heavy enough to fall out of the air. Odors and VOCs are broken down.

No chemicals.
No filters.
No magic.


Our complete line of professional air purification devices ensures that you can find fresh, clean and healthy air in your workplace. We take care of the air in your facility. So that you can breathe freely. And above all, find healthy working conditions. In contrast to filters, our products do not wait for the pollutants to find their way into the filter in the air unit. No chemicals needed. Instead, charged ions – that is, activated oxygen – bind the pollutants in the space you breathe in – just like in nature. How do we do that? The activated oxygen acts as a natural cleaning agent and ensures constant, optimal room air. Through bipolar ionization we can reproduce nature’s ion levels – both positive and negative ions are produced. Oxygen molecules can become active, the number of ions is increased to “fresh air” level and thus the indoor air quality is improved.

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