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BIOCLIMATIC is dedicated to contribute to better health by restoring indoor air to its natural state and improve air quality - for everyone in every area of our life. We represent 40 years of experience in the field of air ionisation, degermification and waste air purification systems.

Since 1978 we have grown into one of the market leaders in the field of indoor air quality solutions. At BIOCLIMATIC, a family owned business, we proudly manufacture German-made products in our facility and headquarter in Bad Nenndorf, Germany, where our dedicated team is devoted to develop and build the highest quality air purification systems to serve our global customers. Our products range from portable purifiers, to standing alone or wall mounted home and office units, to customized commercial solutions.

We strive each day to provide our customers with the highest quality products, excellent customer service, advanced technology and seek to continuosly develop optimized and innovative solutions - because clean indoor air is an important factor in our long-term health and general well being; for us as well as for everyone else.

"Fresh Air in your rooms is like miniature thunderstorms!"

Werner Schröder


Proud of our past, enthusiastic about our future!

Our story begins 1978 with an idea ahead of its time: restore indoor air to its natural state. The end of the seventies saw an increased environmental awareness and efforts were made to preserve natural resources such as water and air. Indoor air pollution became a problem - and we could provide a solution: this was the foundation for our success. Since 1978 we have improved and refined our technology to fight air pollution, constantly reinventing ourselves and our products, and increasing our product portfolio along the way. While we are proud of our past, we are enthusiastic about our future. We aim to create a healthier, brighter, and carefree indoor environment for everyone.

1978First installations of air purification devices in HVAC units of office buildings and production plants
1980Worldwide expansion of activities with representation and global distribution partners
1987Development of a silver-coated high-intensity ionization tube
1990Development of the AirDeco Pyramid for healthy indoor air in private homes
1995Filing of exhaust air cleaning system PHOENIX patent
1999Grant of patent for exhaust air cleaning system PHOENIX
1999Presentation of Bioclimatic GmbH on the internet: www.bioclimatic.de
2000Move to new premises “Im Niedernfeld 4”
2001Market launch of the new “AirDeco Line”
2002Sensor based control for air ionization in HVAC systems
200325th company anniversary on 4th of July
2008Next evolution step of the ionization tubes with stainless steel inner electrode
2014Further evolution of the ionization tubes with high-efficiency outer electrode
2015ISO 9001:2008 Certification
201840 year anniversary and ISO 9001: 2015 certification


Werner Schröder General Management
Marion Krome General Management
Malte Warnebold Member of General Management
Carsten Feuerhake Head of Sales & Marketing
Wilhelm Biesterfeld Sales Germany
Thomas Sundermeyer Key Account Manager
Sandra Möbus Export
Patrick Hamann QM
Thomas Moellentin Purchasing
Florian John Service
Nicole Achilles Product Management (Chemistry)
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Our Projects

Installations completed
Satisfied Customers
Distribution Networks in over 40 countries

"As part of ongoing research on headspace and gas analysis of environmental and food samples at the Leibniz University Hannover, the air ionization technology of the Bioclimatic GmbH was examined,… [...] The results showed that the air ionization technology of Bioclimatic,
[…] generated a significant amount of positive and negative ions. "

State Opera House Hannover

Equipment and Application:
aerotec 60 IRV
aeromat 500/5
For odor reduction in lavatory and canteen areas

Medical Clinical Center Novi Sad (Serbia)
Equipment and Application:
aerotron 1300
aerotron 2000
With IR 100 for air supply in operation theaters
aerotec 40
IRV Application: For laboratories
aeromat 400
CAT Application: For unclean areas

“Based on the positive experiences and possible savings in running costs, the Fraport AG has since then ordered several more bioclimatic ionization systems for various areas.”

German Pavilion – Expo Area (Hannover)

Equipment and Application:
aerotec 90 IRV
aerotec 60 IRV
For odor reduction in the lavatory area.

Apostels Yoghurt-Production GmbH (Berenbostel, Germany)
“For over 10 years now we have been using bioclimatic bipolar ionization systems. With our devices we have optimized our hygiene, which is of great importance in food production. Due to the bioclimatic technology, as result, we achieve better quality and longer shelf life in our products.”

Botrytis abatement in Flower Storage Center (Hannover, Germany)

Equipment and Application:
aeromat 1200
Disinfection; Contaminant: Botrytis

“The air supply is being cleaned by the ionization systems of bioclimatic, which have been in use since the delivery – to the complete satisfaction of both railway operations and passengers.”

Equipment and Application:
aerotron 2000-12 (x 364) AQC-01 sets (x69)

China Restaurant

Equipment and Application:
KA 2- A
Volume flow rate: 3000 m3/h Output: 0.6 kW
Application: Kitchen exhaust air

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