Aerotec – ideal for use in the food processing industry creating optimal maturity storage and hygiene conditions. They perfectly fit and function in animal breeding stations as well as in husbandry facilities. Reduce unpleasant odors and prevent odor transfer wherever it’s needed most.

The aerotec units are manufactured with stainless steel housings for permanent installation and continuous operation. They are essential for companies striving for efficient and environmental friendly operations. The housing has air slits and the generator dwelling is protected against splashing. Both are very easy to clean. Device control is either integrated or alternatively done via an external controller. This solution makes access for ionization devices easy, while at the same time offering the possibility to control several ionization devices simultaneously with a joint controller.

We will advise you on sizing Bioclimatic professional units correctly based on room volume, emission source, application, etc. You can download a form here where you can provide exact details so that we can get back to you with specific advice and suggestions.

Ideal for:

Storage and refrigerated rooms
Odor-contaminated rooms of all kinds such as restrooms
Food production rooms
Animal shelters
Garbage rooms
Smoker lounges and odorous rooms of all kinds.

Technical information

Healthy, low-germ, odor-free air for optimum maturation, storage and hygiene conditions in food processing - an easy task for aerotec devices.

  • How it works
    The devices work according to a process found in nature: air purification by air ionisation. Neutral oxygen molecules are negatively and positively charged by the "Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD)" using a special ionization tube. Oxygen clusters are formed, which due to their high energy potential have the property of neutralizing bacteria and odor molecules.
    Against bacteria & mold
    Abolishes bad odors
    Promotes better hygiene
    Improves freshness for perishable items
    Plug & play
    Versatile mounting (wall or ceiling)
    Variable tube equipment to match room size (1-3 tubes, 3 different sizes)
    Various control options
    Optional ventilation fan for better ionization spread
    Durable (stainless steel housing)
    Low energy consumption
    Low maintenance

Need something special?

Talk to us about modifications and customizations to suit your specific needs

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