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Especially for companies that trade in perishable goods, maintain cold stores or come from food processing, room air that is as germ- and odor-free as possible is of central importance. But companies from sectors that are open to the public also depend on healthy, fresh air.

Thanks to the principle of air ionization, you protect food from rapid spoilage and mold growth. Your goods can be stored longer and stay fresh and appetizing noticeably longer. The aerotec device reduces annoying odors and prevents odor transmission.

The devices in the aerotec series are permanently installed and are designed in stainless steel for continuous operation. The housing has air slots and the generator housing is splash-proof.

Both are easy to clean. It is controlled either via an integrated controller or via a separate controller, with the help of which several aerotec devices can be operated at the same time.

We would be happy to advise you on how to optimally adapt aerotec devices to the room size, emission source, purpose etc. to adjust.

Technical information

Healthy, low-germ, odor-free air for optimal maturing, storage and hygiene conditions in food processing – with Aerotec you ensure fresh air for your business.

Ideal for

  • Hotels, restaurants and canteen kitchens
  • Storage and cold rooms
  • Smoking areas and odorous rooms of all kinds
  • Production rooms for food
  • Laboratories
  • Animal shelters, animal feed shops
  • Garbage rooms

How it works

The devices work according to a process that occurs in nature: air purification through air ionization. Neutral oxygen molecules are negatively and positively charged by “Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD)” using a special ionization tube. Oxygen clusters form which, due to their high energy potential, have the property of neutralizing bacteria and odor molecules.


  • Inactivates bacteria and mold
  • Eliminates bad odors
  • Promotes better hygiene
  • Improves freshness of perishable items

Technical aspects

Room size

approx. 5-90m³


Adjustable via step switch


Adjustable via step switch


– Manual control
– Connection of external control possible


Fixed installation

Installation options

– Ceiling
– Wall




– 410x115x82mm
– 543x235x115mm
– 207x235x115mm

More equipment

Intensity display (with supplement)

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