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bioclimatic – official statement

Official statement from bioclimatic GmbH | Update March 2021

The better arguments prevailed. Scientific evidence is convincing. Through an intensive, scientifically supported dialogue, the Federal Environment Agency has changed its originally negative attitude in favor of ionization and plasma technology: It has Publications corrected accordingly on the use and mode of action of ionization technology in indoor air.

We are pleased about these long overdue, substantial adjustments.

They lead to

  • basic recognition of ionization and plasma technology as an effective method for drastically reducing the viral load indoors,
  • clear differentiation of ozone technology from ionization and plasma technology,
  • more balanced comparison of different air purification technologies.

A word on the topic of ozone

When using bipolar ionization, depending on the room conditions (room volume, air flow, air volume), ozone can be produced to the same extent as it occurs naturally as a component of the outside air.

Technical competence and experience is therefore decisive for indoor air purification.

bioclimatic has provided evidence of safe and sustainable use through decades of practice and worldwide use of bipolar ionization. When used properly and as intended, all of our systems and devices comply with the strict national and international limit and guideline values ​​or fall well below them in order to guarantee toxicological safety.

Numerous customers have trusted in our competence for decades.

Against the background of the current pandemic, we see the use of ionization and plasma technology for indoor air purification as an important, safe and preventive means of reducing the viral load and thus avoiding the risk of infection.

In short: we are making a constructive contribution to containing the corona pandemic.

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