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Viroxx KWL Plus

With VIROXX KWL Plus you are on the safe side and create optimal room air hygiene in the living room. It is therefore the perfect addition to controlled living space ventilation.

VIROXX KWL Plus eliminates unpleasant odours, reduces bacteria, germs and viruses, inhibits pollen and thus creates hygienically clean air. The treated supply air also inactivates microorganisms already in the living unit and ensures a healthy living climate. A perfect feel-good climate is created by our patented technology, which we can implement in a very compact design. Due to its small external dimensions, VIROXX KWL Plus fits perfectly with the existing devices of various manufacturers of living space ventilation.


Technical informationen

VIROXX KWL Plus eliminates unpleasant odors, reduces bacteria, germs and viruses and significantly inhibits pollen, thus creating hygienically clean air. The supply air treated in this way also inactivates microorganisms already in the living unit and thus ensures the healthiest living climate. The compact and energy-saving device can be connected directly to existing ventilation devices.

Ideal for

  • Residential building with controlled living space ventilation

How it works

Photooxidation enables the inactivation of germs. Short-wavelength, high-energy UVC light is used to drive these reactions. In a second stage, our special ionization technology is responsible for enriching the air with activated oxygen. This ensures the restoration of natural air ion concentrations, permanent disinfection of the room air and surfaces and efficient odor neutralization.


  • Prevents “Sick Building Syndrome”
  • Inactivates bacteria and mold
  • Eliminates bad odors
  • Improves indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Promotes better hygiene

Technical apsects


Functional design
Innovative airflow
Optimized technology


Low energy consumption
Low maintenance

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