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bioclimatic – official statement

Official statement from bioclimatic GmbH | November 2020

on publications by the Federal Environment Agency in connection with the use and mode of action of ionization technology in indoor air.

The general statements by the Federal Environment Agency on defective or scientifically unproven or potentially even The risky mode of action of air purification by ionization does not apply to the technology of bipolar ionization from bioclimatic.

Nevertheless, we accept the fears of customers and interested parties who confront us with the statements of the Federal Environment Agency, very seriously. It is therefore important to us to comment on this:

Scientific evidence, continuous testing, certification as well as decades of positive experience and reliable references on the global market prove that it is safe, sustainable and below all possible pollutant limits Permanent germicidal effect of the ionization technology from bioclimatic “Made in Germany”.

Bacteria, germs, RNA/DNA viruses, mold and bad odors are proven without chemical additives and pollutants removed from the room air or reduced to a minimum.

In this way, the technology of bipolar ionization from bioclimatic can even demonstrably contribute to massively reducing the risk of infection in rooms, e.g. from SARS-CoV-2.

We have approached the Federal Environment Agency several times, verbally and in writing, with the request to correct or delete the general statements distance or to substantiate it with evidence. We expressly offered the Federal Environment Agency an exchange of content and presented scientific evidence and references for our globally successful work of more than 40 years.

An answer or a statement from the Federal Environment Agency has so far, also in response to multiple requests, unfortunately not. We will continue to try to correct the facts and emphasize that we speak and are responsible exclusively for the technology of bipolar ionization from bioclimatic.

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