Coronavirus at school: Minimize the risk of infection

Coronavirus at school: The last year and a half has been a great challenge for everyone involved. Especially for the children who had to deal and live with many restrictions. Due to the school closings as well as alternating and home schooling, our children not only have great learning deficits, but they could also no longer meet each other or only to a limited extent. Social interaction, which is so important especially at that age, could not be maintained.

“(Educational) losers” in the current situation are mainly students from socio-economically (highly) disadvantaged families. Schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged children face particularly great challenges.

Not all of them could be reached with digital forms of teaching and learning, because their family and domestic situation meant that they were not or hardly able to meet the school requirements placed on them. For example, the majority of them have little or no technical equipment (technical devices such as laptops or PCs and software that is up-to-date) that is necessary for e-learning concepts.

In retrospect, one thing has become clear: our schools can only do their job with face-to-face teaching and must therefore function again in the short and long term.

The new school year is just around the corner and we are facing the following aspects:

  • The more contagious Delta variant now accounts for a large part of the infections.
  • Returning travelers increase the risk of a fourth wave.
  • Infections are favored by colder temperatures expected in autumn.
  • Ventilation is less practiced in the colder months of the year.
  • No vaccination recommendation has yet been made for our children.
  • Herd immunity is currently not achieved.
  • The classroom is the room that is currently the least secure.

What can we do to protect our children in the classroom?

We have to take responsibility not only for our children, but also for the entire population and eliminate the danger directly on the spot.

A solution can only be achieved in the following ways:

An effective hygiene concept against the coronavirus in schools must be developed and implemented, and effective preventive measures must be applied. In addition to the need to use rapid tests, wearing masks, and ensuring ventilation, the Federal Environment Agency and thus politicians have realized the importance of air purifiers.

Room air purifiers / air disinfection devices

Currently, concepts are preferred that use room air purifiers or disinfection devices to protect against indirect infection and provide additional, individual protective measures to prevent the direct path of infection. Studies that have already been carried out show that the viral load in the room is reduced very quickly and that the virus remains for only a short time after release.

A major advantage of room air purifiers and disinfection devices is that they permanently ensure a low virus load in the room without having to worry about opening windows for ventilation and without affecting the well-being in the room. Furthermore, in contrast to ventilation, they also ensure that a real reduction or inactivation of the virus load takes place, which often cannot be guaranteed by just opening the windows. They also offer an advantage over air conditioning systems that are permanently integrated in buildings which are operated with little or no outside air. An air purifier ensures that the viruses are effectively inactivated in the room where we breathe, and are not distributed in the building via ventilation shafts instead.

Federal and state funding programs

The federal and state governments have already approved funding programs for stationary air conditioning systems. In order to be able to maintain face-to-face lessons in the new school year, the federal government now wants to support not only these permanently installed devices but also mobile devices with 200 million Euros, starting July 2021. This addition to the existing funding programs – which particularly supports facilities for children under the age of 12 – is to be implemented as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible.

Bioclimatic GmbH offers both fixed air purification systems and mobile devices that can be tailored to any room. Application areas in schools are, for example, classrooms, staff rooms, canteens, corridors and toilets.

Our devices are either installed in existing or new ventilation systems or directly in grid ceilings. Alternatively, they can also be attached to the wall. The location of our mobile ionization devices in the room should be properly placed after a more detailed consultation.

Bipolar ionization against viruses

With bipolar ionization technology, Bioclimatic can make a significant contribution to a hygiene concept and prevent infections caused by the coronavirus in the school through its permanent presence in the room air. Any infection that can be prevented is a success.

The air ionization technology of Bioclimatic generates positive and negative ions derived from oxygen molecules contained in ambient air

Our proven technology works like a cleansing thunderstorm. It inactivates viruses directly in the air as well as on surfaces and also renders pollen, mold, pollutants and germs harmless. Even unpleasant smells are broken down. There are no toxic by-products in this process inspired by nature.

Evidence of efficiency of the Bioclimatic product series Viroxx regarding the H1N1 Influenza virus

Even if air purification systems have only recently been funded by the government, we can speak of over 40 years of experience and studies have proven the high effectiveness of our air purification systems. Avert the corona threat in classrooms with the help of our bipolar ionization devices and systems.

In the future, healthy indoor air should be seen as important as the quality of drinking water.

The equipment of schools and mostly universities is a matter for the federal states. Therefore, different funding programs apply in the federal states for schools to equip classrooms with mobile air purification devices.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities in your school without any further obligation.

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