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Cars smell great – when they are new. But after a few years, other smells will be more noticable than those of leather and fresh textiles. Everyone knows that in prolonged car rides with several people the air gets stale. Especially dog owners can confirm this when they bring their four-legged friend into the car after a long walk in the rain.

This is where the car air cleaner comes into play. Compact and incredibly powerful for its small size, it reduces foul odors and germs. Clean and fresh air for concentrated and relaxed driving. The smallest ionizer from bioclimatic is simply plugged into the cigarette lighter for operation. That’s all and already the smallest thunderstorm gets to action.

Ideal for:

Caravans, Cars, Vans, Trucks

Technical information

Most pleasant air quality in every automobile. Odors, fumes, pollen and fumes are quickly and permanently destroyed. The perfect co-driver you should not be without.

  • How it works
    The devices work according to a process found in nature: air purification by air ionization. Neutral oxygen molecules are negatively and positively charged by the "Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD)" using a special ionization tube. Oxygen clusters are formed, which due to their high energy potential have the property of neutralizing bacteria and odor molecules.
    Suitable for allergic people
    Without chemicals – without additional fragrances
    No filters, so no filter exchange necessary
    Due to its bendable and turnable plug it can be positioned and used in all automobiles with 12V connection
    Low energy consumption
    Low maintenance

Need something special?

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