Customized Waste Air Cleaning system for pollutant degradation and effective odor removal via filter module, photo and catalytic oxidation to abate molecules and solvents as well as deactivate microorganisms. Results? Clean, fresh air, no odors. Available in a compact size scaled for efficiency. Low installation costs.

Why don’t you give it a try? Contact us for a practical ‘on-site’ test with our mobile unit. We will analyse your specific situation and design a customized system based on our findings.

We will gladly advise you on dimensioning bioclimatic professional units correctly based on room volume, emission source, application, etc. You can download a form here with which you make precise statements and give us a good basis for our counsel. ”

Ideal for:

Meat- and fish processing
Canteen kitchens
Surface treatment
Waste sorting plants
Rubber-, wood- and metal processing
Chemical industry
Varnish and plastic production
Print shops

Technical information

Greater demands on exhaust air purification often cause gastronomic companies great problems. A safe solution for reducing pollutants and odors is required. Our solution: PHOENIX, the innovative solution to your exhaust air problems. The exhaust air purification system is a combination of photooxidation and catalyst, resulting in effective exhaust air purification with low operating costs.

  • How it works
    Photooxidation allows for simultaneous inactivation of germs and organic odors. High energy, short wave UVC light is used as a driving force for these reactions. In a second stage, our special ionization technology is responsible for the enrichment of the air with activated oxygen. This ensures the restoration of natural air ion concentrations, a lasting degermification of the indoor air and surfaces as well as efficient odor neutralization.
    "Aerosol and grease containing exhaust air
    Dust and fiber containing exhaust air
    Off gas temperature up to 45 degree celsius
    250 mg/m3 VOC
    Abatement of organic compounds
    Reduction of odors"
    Standardized systems for the field of kitchen exhaust air in six sizes from 2000 m3/h to 12000 m3/h
    Large and industrial systems individually customized based on actual circumstances

Need something special?

Talk to us about modifications and customizations to suit your specific needs

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