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Customized Waste Air Cleaning system for pollutant degradation and effective odor removal via filter module, photo and catalytic oxidation to abate molecules and solvents as well as deactivate microorganisms. Results? Clean, fresh air, no odors. Available in a compact size scaled for efficiency. Low installation costs.

We would be happy to advise you on optimally adapting bioclimatic professional devices to the room size, emission source, intended use, etc.

Technical information

Increased demands on exhaust air purification often pose major problems, for example, in gastronomic establishments. Reliable technology for breaking down pollutants and odors is required. Our solution: PHOENIX, the innovative solution to your exhaust air problems. The exhaust air cleaning system is the combined application of photo-oxidation and catalyst, in which we combine effective exhaust air cleaning with low operating costs.

Ideal for

  • Meat and fish processing
  • Canteen kitchens
  • Surface treatment
  • Waste sorting plants
  • Rubber, wood and metal processing</ li>
  • Chemical industry
  • Vanish and plastic production
  • Printing shops

How it works

Photooxidation enables the simultaneous inactivation of germs and organic odors. Short-wavelength, high-energy UVC light is used to drive these reactions.
In a second stage, our special technology is responsible for enriching the air with activated oxygen. This ensures the restoration of natural air ion concentrations, permanent disinfection of the room air and surfaces and efficient odor neutralization.


  • Exhaust gas temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius 250 mg / m³ VOC
  • Reduction of organic compounds
  • Odor reduction

Technical aspects


Standardized systems for kitchen exhaust air in six sizes from 2000 m3 / h to 12000 m3 / h


Large and industrial systems that are individually adapted to the actual circumstances.
Modular design enables adjustment to different air volumes.

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