Healthy Indoor Air Quality for Safer Living and Working.

Why is it important to remove germs from the air?

We should never underestimate the importance of healthy indoor air quality. Bringing fresh and clean air into your everyday life – whether for relaxation at home, a pleasant feel-good climate for your customers or for better concentration and efficiency at work and in the office environment – is essential for your every day well-being.

When your home or office is contaminated with microscopic germs, they can become trapped and recirculate through the air. Exposure to those germs increases your risk factor to actually contract diseases or suffer from allergic reactions. Moreover, even with constant cleaning, sanitizing and washing your hands you may not be able to help with airborne transmission of certain bacteria and viruses.

However, while maintaining a healthy indoor air quality is integral to protecting everyone’s health, it is especially important for sensitive populations such as the elderly, the young, or those with already compromised immune systems. With the EPA reporting frequently that today’s indoor air is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, it comes as no surprise that health professionals recommend taking basic precautions.

Healthy, low-germ air conditions are not only a hygienic requirement in current COVID-19 times. They quickly become apparent in the business environment as a calculable economic factor.

Healthy indoor air quality is a vital part of exemplary and safe work place conditions and results in improved performance, fewer illnesses and fewer signs of fatigue. Prevent the ‚sick building syndrome‘ today – you and your coworkers will appreciate it.

What preventative measures can I take to protect myself?

We strongly recommend frequent handwashing, surface cleaning and disinfection. However, this will not be enough to get rid of the germs in your air surrounding you. Of course, increasing the amount of fresh air brought indoors will help reduce pollutants and germs. Therefore, if weather permits, open windows and doors, or run the air conditioner with the vent control open. 

Try to avoid chemical air refreshers, since most contain multiple toxic chemicals (among them Phthalates, 1,4-DCB, DEP, DBP, Formaldehyde etc.). Several studies link their usage to conditions such as headaches, asthma, nausea, eczema, dermatitis, chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivity, neurological damage, cancer and many others.

A further option to take in consideration is the use of an air purifier. While there are many different versions with different technologies, we have always been inspired by nature and its ability to naturally clean the air surrounding us.

Nature as a role model 

In nature, a thunderstorm releases electrical discharges and, by doing that, emits high concentrations of ions. Those ions play a major role to lower the amount of pollutants and are a key player for providing us with fresh and clean air in nature. The principle of our air treatment is comparable to this natural phenomenon. Activated oxygen sets in motion an oxidation process that chemically changes odor molecules and germs. New, harmless substances are formed.

In combination with photooxidation, this process damages the cell structure of viruses, mold spores and bacteria so sustainably that they are inactivated. As a result, it acts as a natural cleaning agent in the room air. 

 Don‘t give germs a chance 

Through targeted disinfection and air treatment with VIROXX E150++, you can reduce pollutants, inhibit pollen, eliminate unpleasant odors and thereby ensure a noticeably better indoor climate. For instance, dangerous viruses (Ebola, SARS, swine flu etc.), germs (MRSA, 3MRGN, 4MRGN), as well as many other pathogens in the air have been proven1 to be reliably inactivated and reduced.

The innovative Viroxx technology impresses with its unique combination of photochemical disinfection and bipolar ionization. The effects of this are more important today than ever before. 

Unlike air purifiers that rely only on filters, our products don‘t just wait for the pollutants and germs to find their way into the devices. Instead charged ions – activated oxygen – additionally bind the contaminants in the space where you breathe. In short, it is just as nature does it.

Innovative technology that simply works

Step 1: Prefiltration
Airborne particles are charged through ionic bonding. These charged particles stick together increasing their size allowing them to be easily removed.

Step 2: Photochemical Disinfection
By photochemical disinfection, air that is contaminated with mold spores, bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms, achieves an efficient purification and disinfection. Consequently, air starts to become clean.

Step 3: Catalytic Oxidation
This next step is a process to further remove VOC’s, bacteria, mold and fungus by providing reaction surface for the ultraviolet (UV) energy with the contaminants, creating a catalytic oxidation. Particles bond with active oxygen molecules and are oxidized and destroyed. Odorous gases and aerosols oxidize on contact with active oxygen molecules and are quickly eliminated.

Step 4: High performance microfiltration
Subsequently a high performance filter further removes any pathogens that may still linger in the air.

Step 5: Bipolar Ionisation
Through bipolar ionization positive and negative ions are generated and released into the room. Consequently, this ensures the restoration of natural air ion concentrations, a lasting degermification of the indoor air and surfaces as well as efficient odor neutralization. With fewer air pollutants and ionized air levels as found in nature the air you breathe is significantly cleaner and healthier.

Why choose VIROXX E150++?

Your Benefits:

  • Inactivation of viruses, germs and pathogens
  • Reduce risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria in the air
  • Healthy and odorless air
  • Reduction of fine dust
  • Mobile use
  • Low energy consumption
  • Certified effectiveness


  • Living Spaces
  • Office and meeting rooms
  • Medical facilities and waiting rooms
  • Wellness areas, gyms
  • Lounges
  • Bars and clubs
  • Senior residences
  • Hotel rooms and lobbies
  • … and many more

You certainly cannot live without breathing, but you can live without bad air.

 1High security laboratory at the Philipps University of Marburg (Institute of Virology)

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