Viroxx MRSA

Optimal room air hygiene through permanent reduction of odors, germs and viruses: Our worldwide unique combination of pre-filtration, photochemical disinfection and bipolar ionisation with patented technology is crucial with its efficacy – and more important than ever: Dangerous viruses (Ebola, SARS, avian influenza etc.), germs (MRSA, 3MRGN, 4MRGN) and pathogens are being permanently inactivated. Healthy and clean indoor air is created by a noticeable reduction of pollutants and odors.

For requirements in which virus control is of secondary importance, our aeromat series might be what you are looking for, providing fresh and odor-less indoor air conditions.

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Technical information

Air Conditioning and Purification by Ionization and Photo Oxidation: Actively reducing pollutants, VOCs, and pathogens in the space you breathe. Cleans the air of allergy-triggering particles.

  • How it works
    Photooxidation allows for simultaneous inactivation of germs and organic odors. High energy, short wave UVC light is used as a driving force for these reactions. In a second stage, our special ionization technology is responsible for the enrichment of the air with activated oxygen. This ensures the restoration of natural air ion concentrations, a lasting degermification of the indoor air and surfaces as well as efficient odor neutralization.
    Against Sick Building Syndrome
    Against bacteria and mold
    Against odors
    For better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
    For better hygiene
    Viroxx eliminates annoying odors, reduces bacteria, germs as well as viruses and inhibits pollen significantly - for fresh and clean air in every home. The treated air supply furthermore inactivates microorganisms already inside the living space and thus ensures the healthiest indoor environment.
    Compact design
    Innovative airflow
    Optimized technology
    Low energy consumption
    Low maintenance

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