Bipolar Ionization

Ion Levels in Nature

The proportion of Ions is highest around moving water (storms, oceans, rivers, waterfalls) – that also explains why we feel so energized and refreshed at the ocean. The worst are found in windowless rooms and closed, moving vehicles. Higher concentrations of ions are essential for a positive mood, let us work more efficiently and feel more revitalized. Concentrations below 100 Ions/cm3 can already lead to headaches, deficiencies in concentration and fatigue, leading to the Sick- Building Syndrome.

Clean Air Nature Shows Us How

In nature ions are found in abundance. This is a good part of the reason why you usually feel so great in these places and find it difficult to be tired or depressed.


A purifying thunderstorm

Prior to a thunderstorm there is a very high concentration of contaminants in the air, such as bacteria, allergens and VOC’s. A thunderstorm releases electrical discharges and, by doing that, emits high concentrations of ions. Those ions play a major role to lower the amount of these pollutants and are the key player for providing us with fresh and clean air in nature.

A large amount of ions are generated by an electrical discharge phenomenon.

Surrounding air becomes „charged“.

Bipolar Ionization

Bioclimatic cleans indoor air the way nature intended.

This principle of air purification is comparable to this natural phenomenon. Inside our devices the air is treated as if under the influence of a purifying thunderstorm. Charged ions - activated oxygen – bind the contaminants in the space where you breathe – just as nature does. Activated oxygen initiates an oxidation process, which chemically alters the odor molecules and germs. New harmless substances are formed. Activated oxygen damages the cell structure of mold spores as well as bacteria, so that they become inactive. The activated air acts as a natural cleaning agent in the room and restores and re-balances indoor air in closed environments.

  1. Along the ionization tube, oxygen from the air is charged to form ions.
  2. The ions are attracted to airborne particles like dust, smoke, VOC’s, allergens and other air pollutants.
  3. The ions latch onto and neutralize any contaminants they come to contact with.
  4. Charged particles are drawn together, forming clusters, which become heavy enough to drop out of the air. Odors and VOC’s are broken down

Techical Comparison

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Fresh, clean and healthy air through bipolar ionisation.

Our complete line of professional air purifiers can take your facility to the next level of clean and fresh air. After all, surface cleaning is only surface deep. No chemicals needed. We take care of the air in your facility. So you can breathe easy. And healthy. Unlike filters, our products don‘t wait for the pollutants to find their way into the filter within the air handler. Instead charged ions - activated oxygen – binds the contaminants in the space where you breathe – just as nature does. How do we do it? BIOCLIMATIC restores and rebalances natural ion levels within indoor, closed environments - through bipolar ionisation. Bipolar ionisation reproduces mountain elevation ion levels indoors - it generates both negative and positive ions. Oxygen molecules can once again become active, the quantity of oxygen ions is increased to “Fresh Air” levels - and therefore indoor air quality is substantially improved

Suitability of Ionisation for

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