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Our innovative ventilation systems ensure healthy indoor air

Air - the foundation of life and creativity - especially in thesensitive area of indoor air. A good air quality is crucial to the well-being and performance of people. Headaches, fatigue and difficulty concentrating are often caused by suboptimal designed air conditioning and ventilation systems. This modern-day phenomenon has been researched in recent studies and is recognized as socalled "Sick-Building-Syndrome".

Air - we make the most out of it!

For bioclimatic this subject is not a new one.: Since 1978 we offer suitable solutions for air cleaning and air purification. With the possibility of integrating appliances of the aerotron series as a supplement to new and existing air conditioning and ventilation systems, this solution to your air quality problems can be easily implemented. The appliances are precicely dimensioned according to the existing need. Clean, fresh and healthy air is created by oxidation of pollutants with activated oxygen. In outdoor air activated oxygen exists mainly in form of positive and negative ions, as well as ozone. bioclimatic ionisation systems „copy“ this natural process of air regeneration and transfer it to indoor conditions. Scientific evidence on this process of positive and negative ion production, as it happens every day in nature, are available. Thanks to this technology indoorair quality (IAQ) is improved, germs are inactivated, odors neutralised and the air is enriched and balanced with ion concentrations found in nature – completely without chemicals or artificial fragrances.

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