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Bioclimatic provides comprehensive indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial building projects. We provide solutions for homes of all sizes, single and multi-family residential, office buildings both small and large, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, sports facilities, casinos, retail outlets, medical buildings and facilities, storage units, for the food processing industry, airports, wastewater treatment facilities and many more.

Our products leverage a breakthrough ionization technology, inspired by nature, that cleans the air of some of the most common and worrisome problems that building managers face.

Your indoor air environment could be virtually free of odor, mold, dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, chemical cleaning compounds and more — so every breath tastes as crisp and clean as pure mountain air. It is a safe, natural and environmentally friendly process. Our exclusive technology uses NO chemicals, NO heavy metals or mercury, and produces NO harmful by-products such as excessive ozone or odors, which is very important especially to those that are chemically sensitive.

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