Official Statement from Bioclimatic GmbH

on the publications by the Federal Environment Agency (FEA) in regards to the usage and effectiveness of ionization technology for indoor areas.

The alleged and generalized claims by the FEA, stating that air purification by ionization is not scientifically proven and could potentially even be risky in its usage do not apply to Bioclimatic’s bipolar ionization technology.

Nevertheless, we do take the concerns of our customers and those interested in our products, who have confronted us with these statements of the FEA, very seriously. That is why it is important for us to officially publish a statement:

Scientific evidence, continuous testing and inspections, verification in form of certification as well as decades of positive experience and reliable references on the global market, prove that the “Made in Germany” technology from Bioclimatic is not only safe and sustainable, but also effective in its germicidal effects:

Bacteria, germs, RNA/DNA viruses, mold and odors are verifiably removed/inactivated from the indoor air, or reduced to a minimum without the use of chemical additives or other harmful substances. Existing pollution limits are not exceeded.

Therefore, the technology of bipolar ionization from Bioclimatic can verifiably contribute to reducing the risk of contamination e.g. through SARS-CoV-2.

We have contacted the FEA several times, verbally and in writing, with the request to correct or remove the generalized claims or to substantiate them with evidence. We also explicitly offered them an exchange of content and presented scientific evidence as well as references given we have been successful in this field for over 40 years.

Unfortunately, there has been no response nor statement from the FEA to date, even after repeated inquiries. We will continue to try to rectify the misperception and want to emphasize that we are solely referring to and are solely responsible for the technology of bipolar ionization made by Bioclimatic.

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