13th Arab-German Health Forum

From September 21st to 22nd 2020 the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Ghorfa) organized the 13thArab-German Health Forum in Düsseldorf, at which we as Bioclimatic were also present.

Despite the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, around 100 high-ranking business representatives, medical professionals as well as politicians and diplomats came together for the event.

The Arab-German Health Forum was a great opportunity for us to exchange experiences and to learn about future trends, developments and plans for partnership and cooperation on a number of topics.

This year, the focus was clearly on the challenges of the pandemic and how these have changed and will continue to change the health sector. Renowned experts and decision-makers addressed the most pressing issues facing medicine and healthcare in the coming decade, as well as the challenges the pandemic has brought about and discussed how economic cooperation can overcome them.

Efficient and modern healthcare systems are essential in order to better handle such crises in the future. “These challenges can best be met together”, said Armin Laschet, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia in his opening speech. 

Due to Germany’s highly innovative health industry, the country has been extremely efficient and successful in stopping the virus from spreading further, and is thus considered a role model in the fight against the disease.

In the Arab countries, there is an emphasis on the development of the healthcare sector, leading to large investments in the healthcare infrastructure. A post Covid-19 strategy has to be shaped in the region to pave the way for a strong economy to move past the pandemic and economic crises. 

Given this background, the participants of the Arab-German Health Forum analyzed and discussed the current developments in the market as well as opportunities and risks in a total of four panel discussions. These also opened up the possibility of further cooperation with the Arab countries by taking advantage of German technology and expertise.

Bioclimatic was a participant in the panel discussion on the topic:

How the Covid – 19 Pandemic will transform Healthcare: Learning Effects for the Healthcare System

In particular, the panel was about highlighting the options that are currently available to fight the corona virus effectively and sustainably, but also on how to drastically minimize the risk of infection.

With over 40 years of experience in the field of high-quality air treatment and disinfection systems, Bioclimatic is an expert in this area. The targeted improvement of air and hygiene conditions in the most diverse areas of life is not only particularly relevant for Bioclimatic nowadays, but has always been our focus.

Carsten Feuerhake, Head of Sales at Bioclimatic, discussing how to minimize the risk of infection in times of a pandemic.

Our bipolar ionization technology is generally highly efficient in effectively reducing and eliminating pollutants from the indoor air and is “in regards to the effectiveness against the corona virus without comparison”, so Carsten Feuerhake, Head of Sales at Bioclimatic. Ionization is also effective on surfaces – another advantage given the increased hygiene measures taken in the context of the current pandemic.

His statements are supported by current test results from UNICAMP in Brazil, that show that the viral load of Covid-19 in a room is reduced by 99.9% within 10 minutes.

Since our technology is based on natural processes – without the use of chemicals or other artificial agents – it is currently the only application of this type in which people can be present in the room at the same time. No system based on filters or UV radiation shows this immediate efficacy. All other methods have a very limited degree of effectiveness, so this technology is at the forefront.

In addition to the hygienic advantages and the drastic reduction of the risk of infection, there are other, more economic advantages: Ionization leads to better indoor air quality, the resulting reduction in supply air rates leads to energy savings and thus lower operating costs.

With our variety of products from Bioclimatic, the right solution can be found for every application and room size. From portable devices to stand-alone or wall-mounted residential and office units to customer-specific commercial solutions – the areas of application are manifold and can be specially adapted to the respective requirements. 

We are very appreciative that we were able to participate in the Arab-German Health Forum 2020 despite all the ongoing restrictions. 

We hope that the time spend in our various talks may have led to a change of perspective in regards to the importance of clean indoor air. Our goal is and will always be to create a healthier, fresher and more carefree indoor air climate for everyone. This is an important factor in our long-term health and general well-being. Not just for us. And not just in times of a pandemic.

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