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HANNOVER MESSE 2019 | Hall 27 #N32

Between tradition and innovation

As a medium-sized family business, Bioclimatic is part of a long tradition and a corporate entity that contributes significantly to the economic success of Germany. Creative and innovative thinking characterizes the German SMEs – and it reflects also on Bioclimatic, where the pursuit of ingenuity and creativity is part of the company philosophy.

Until now, we have always had a presence at the HANNOVER MESSE in Hall 2 – the area of the show dedicated to research and development. But what if innovation has become a tradition?

This year Bioclimatic is setting a new standard. Of course, as a regionally based company, we would not want to break with the tradition of our presence at the HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s most important industrial tradeshow – so we decided to relocate within.

Fresh air now available 01.-05. April 2019 in hall 27!

Hallplan Hannover Messe

The hall’s theme is energy – a topic that is becoming increasingly more important and is also gaining significance in public awareness. Energy plays an important role in Bioclimatic’s ionisation technology: Energy consumption, energy saving potential, sustainable resource management – all of these are familiar terms for us – in the most positive way. With one of our devices from the product group aerotron, the aerotron 2000, which has just a power consumption of max. 100W, more than 8,000m³ / h supply air can be cleaned of annoying air pollutants (VOCs). The pressure loss of less than 30 Pa is negligibly small, so that there is additional energy saving potential compared to conventional activated carbon filters.

We are also very aware of our environment: our devices are made out of more than 90% recyclable materials: glass, metal and plastic.

Furthermore we expect to be able to absorb new impulses from the other exhibitors in this important topic of energy. Innovation always orientates itself to the market needs and for one’s problem, someone else might find the solution. This is also true on an international level.

Hall 27 offers an additional incentive, as it also includes the theme of Global Business with a particular focus on the respective partner country of the HANNOVER MESSE. Being a company with a strong international focus, this is exactly the right place for us to make new contacts. If we have learned one thing in the last 40 years, then it is that the more adapted you are to regional and national characteristics, the more successful you are in business. We love working with local partners – for exactly that reason.

All in all, there are plenty of reasons that speak in favor of relocating to Hall 27.

We would be happy to personally welcome you at the HANNOVER MESSE at our booth #N32.

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